PSMA PTR Webinar: SiC Power MOSFETs and Applications Status in 2016

Date:2016-06-22 08:48
Event status: Not started
Date and time: Thursday, June 23, 2016 11:00 pm
China Time (Beijing, GMT+08:00)
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Duration: 1 hour
Abstract: Silicon carbide MOSFETs, first released commercially in 2011, have started to rapidly be adopted in applications ranging from PV inverters, DC-DC converters, industrial power supplies, EV chargers, telecom power supplies, and industrial power supplies. We will discuss the maturity of the SiC MOSFETs in terms of product offerings, reliability data, and product support such as gate drivers and reference designs. The value proposition of initial applications adopting SiC MOSFETs will also be discussed in a time appropriate manner.

Topics covered during the short course include:
1) SiC historical progress and maturity
2) SiC performance relative to Si and GaN switches (very brief comparison)
3) Status of SiC power MOSFETs from 650V to 3.3kV
4) Applications using SiC MOSFETs today
5) Future trends in SiC devices and applications 

Presenter: Dr. Casady has 20+ years of management experience in business development, marketing, semiconductor research, and manufacturing experience in a combination of industry / academic settings: Cree (NASDAQ: CREE), Northrop Grumman (NYSE: NOC), SemiSouth Laboratories, Inc. (start-up), University of Missouri, Auburn University, & Mississippi State University. Dr. Casady has published over 80 technical publications, three book chapters, and seven patents, all in SiC power semiconductor technology. 

From 2012 through today Dr. Casady is working for Cree, in various roles including SiC Product Management, SiC Power Marketing Director, and since 2013 in Business Development and Program Management. He works with major automotive, solar, and UPS inverter OEMs interested in SiC power conversion. From 2003-2012, Dr. Casady served as a corporate officer & co-founder of SemiSouth, a small private start-up focused on SiC power device development and manufacturing. From 1999-2003, he served as an Assistant Prof. of Electrical Engineering at Mississippi State University while helping to found SemiSouth and being active in several SiC power semi programs. 

Dr. Casady previously worked for Northrop Grumman Science and Technology Center from 1996-99 as a Senior Engineer in SiC device development. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Auburn University, and graduate and undergraduate degrees from the University of Missouri.