CPSS Delegation Participated in APEC 2015

Date:2015-12-22 13:31
In order to promote international exchangesfor power industry in China, to builda platform of international cooperationfor the member enterprises, led by the President of China Power Supply Society Prof. De-hong Xu, the 17-person delegation visited the United States for APEC2015 international conferenceon March 15, 2015-24, and held talks with Power Supply Manufacturers Association (PSMA) and IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS). The other main members are the Vice Presidents of CPSS Jinjun Liu and Alpha Zhang, the Deputy Secretary General of CPSS Lei Zhang as well as the representatives of 13 member enterprises.
Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition, APEC2015 for short, currently is the largest comprehensive Conference which covers the most topics and gathers the most participants in the field of global power electronics.The conferencewas held in Conference and Exhibition Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, including6 plenary lectures, 18 tutorials, 12 industry speeches, 35 technical speeches. The exhibition of power electronics washeld at same time which attracted more than 239 exhibitors and over 4000 participants from relevant universities and enterprises around the world.

The Delegation of CPSS
During the conference,China Power Supply Society held talks with the Power Supply Manufacturers Association (PSMA) and IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) respectively, had full communication about the future cooperation, and achieved a preliminary cooperation intention.
The annual meeting of American Power Supply Manufacturers Association (PSMA) held during the APEC2015. On behalf of China Power Supply Society (CPSS), the Vice President ofCPSS Alpha Zhang introduced the development and situation of China Power Supply Society to all audiences at the meeting.

Talks with PSMA

Talks with IEEE-PELS
The delegation also visited The Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC) located in the University of North Carolina in charlotte. The delegation of CPSS was accorded a cordial reception from the Director of EPIC Dr. Johan Enslin who also made an introduction to EPIC. The research fields of EPIC are including Smart Grid, Photovoltaic, High voltagePower Transmission, Power Supply Transformation, Mechanism and Tracking, etc.; EPICconductswide cooperationwith industry;itsachievements havevery high industrial value. At present, the center owns more than 400 researchers with a total area of 20000 square meters.After this visit, EPIC held a small reception and discussed with the representatives of CPSS.

Visit Laboratories
Exchange Reception
This visit expanded the international influence of Society in the field of power electronics, promoted the society relation and cooperation with related international organizations, meanwhile, through this tour, the delegation got the knowledge of the latest international power electronics technology and the latest product development, strengthened the contacts and communications with overseas technical staff. All delegates said they had a great harvest by this tour.
APEC2016 is scheduled for March 20-24, 2016, in long beach, Ca. CPSS will participate in this conference again, and will organize national companies to exhibit at APEC2016, if you are interested in APEC2016, Come to join!