Plan of CPSS for 2015

Date:2015-12-30 11:39
NO Type Activity Date Site
1 Impotent activity cpssc'2015 11.6-11.9 Shenzhen
2 Impotent activity The 3rd China Power Supply Society Science & Technology award Jun-Nov Tianjin
3 Conference 2015 International power electronics innovation forum 3.17-3.19 Shanghai
4 contest 2015 silicon Cenda cup University Power Electronics Application Design Competition Mar-Oct Hangzhou
5 Conference The fifth Data Center Infrastructure Technology Annual Conference 5.28 Beijing
6 Conference “2015 Frequency conversion technology and industrial automation control”Academic forum  7.3-7.5 Suzhou
7 Conference The first young scholars forum of power electronics 7.11 Changsha
8 Conference Solid state high power switching devices Conference and the First standing committee of The 7th special power committee  7.10-7.13 Zhuzhou
9 Conference The Fourth National power quality Conference and the Power quality Industry Development Forum 8.21-8.23 Jinan
10 Conference International radio transmission Conference  8.24-8.26 Wuhan
11 Conference The 2th photovoltaic grid and the new energy power conversion technology seminar 9.22-9.23 Hefei
12 Conference Workshop of electric vehicle technology Oct Shenzhen
13 Conference International LED driver technology forum Oct Hangzhou
14 Conference the 2th New energy electric conversion technology annual meeting 12.11-12.13 Hefei
15 Train Power converter magnetic technology analysis, testing and application training class 5.23-5.25 Fuzhou
16 Train Electric and hybrid vehicles training class 6.29-7.3 Hangzhou
17 Train ElectromagneEic compatibility of switching power supply training class 8.22-8.24 Hangzhou
18 Train High efficiency and power density power conversion technology: device, design and Application training class 10.27-10.30 Shanghai
19 Train Technology and design of high efficiency and high power density power supply training class 12.4-12.5 Nanjing
20 Visit APEC2015 3.14-3.23  USA
21 Visit ISPSD2015 5.10-5.14 HK
22 Visit ICPE2015-ECCEASIA 6.1-6.5 Korea
23 Visit ECCE2015 9.20-9.24 Canada