Zhejiang Power Supply Society

Zhejiang Power Supply Society


    Established in 1987, Zhejiang Power Supply Society (ZPSS) is an academic society group composed of scientific and technical people, companies and institutions in power supply technology and related fields from Zhejiang province in accordance with voluntary. In the leadership of Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology (ZAST), ZPSS is affiliated to College of Electrical and Engineering, Zhejiang University, and accepts the guidance of operation from China Power Supply Society (CPSS). Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Yousheng Wang, is the first chairman. For this session, Professor Zhengyu Lv is the chairman and Professor Hao Ma is the secretary general.

    ZPSS consists of several committees, including System Committee, Devices Committee, Testing and Standards Committee, Yueqing branch of power supply society and so on. Besides, ZPSS has Secretary Office, Academy Committee, Consulting Board and Expert Advisory Group. Nowadays, there are more than 500 individual members and more than 60 group members.

    ZPSS aims to unite and organize all the workers in power supply and carry out academic exchanges, for promoting the popularization and advancement of power supply technology, improving the combination between power supply technology and economy and the utilization of power, contributing to the economic and social development of Zhejiang province.

    ZPSS makes efforts to carry out a wide and diverse variety of academic exchanges and provide good service for members and society. In recent years, many focused scientific and technical activities combined closely with social developments in Zhejiang province and exchanges of power supply technology between Taiwan and mainland have been carried out, including “Seminar on Chances and Challenges of Zhejiang Power Supply Industry with WTO”, “Seminar on Power Electronics and Energy Saving”, “Forum on Upgrading Power Electronic Industry”, “Seminar on Power Electronics and New Energy Development”, “Seminar on Development of Battery Industry in Zhejiang and Energy Saving with Power Electronics”, “Colloquium on New Power Electronic Technology with High Efficiency”, “Seminar on New Highly-Efficient Power Supply Technology” and so on. In addition to participating actively in focused activities by CPSS, ZPSS cooperated with Shanghai, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities to hold three seminars on power supply technology in eastern China. ZPSS has carried out 14 academic annual meetings and more than 60 various seminars, symposiums and exhibitions and so on. The 2012 IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE2012) was held in Hangzhou and supported by ZPSS. ZPSS has 19 proceedings have been published. More than 60 papers are rewarded with Zhejiang Natural Science Best Papers and 10 achievements receive Zhejiang Natural Science Academy Awards.  

    ZPSS has scored great achievements in combination of production, education and scientific research. ZPSS has made positive contributions to company consultation and provided great platform for developments and cooperation of science and technology. ZPSS is rewarded by China Association for Science and Technology with excellent achievement prize for “Collaborative Action of Thousands of Companies and Societies”, and rewarded by ZAST with second prize for excellent suggestions. Besides, ZPSS achieves Zhejiang second prize for collaboration with companies and is rated as Zhejiang advanced academic society. 

The Secretariat Affiliated to:College of Electrical Engineering, Zhejiang University 
Address: 38 Zheda Rd., Hangzhou